About Forint

In the Northern Netherlands, Forint is the forensic psychiatric healthcare chain of AFPN Groningen (outpatient and ForFACT), BW Forint, FPA Zuidlaren, and FPC Dr. S. van Mesdag.

For whom?

Our target group consists of vulnerable people who, due to their psychiatric issues, exhibit or may soon exhibit transgressive behaviour. As a result of this behaviour, they come or may become involved with the police or the legal system. Addiction issues are often present as well. Our collaboration makes it possible to offer these people the proper degree of treatment, care and safety during the course of their treatment.


The treatment is based on respect and focused on safety. If possible and desired, we also become involved in the social network of the patient during treatment. Treatment is successful when the mental health of a patient has improved, the chance that they commit a criminal act (again) is minimal and they can safely return to society.

The punishment, treatment phase and required degree of security make it obvious which Forint division a patient can be placed into as well as which unit. If the patient is admitted to a clinic (clinical), then they may be placed into a high- or low-security unit or an open one. If a patient is in the final stage of treatment and/or they require little to no security measures, then they can receive outpatient/in-home treatment (the patient comes to us or we go to them). It is also possible that a patient in this stage of treatment will remain in our supervised living structure.

Placement always occurs via the Divisie Individele Zaken (DIZ ‘division of individual affairs’) of the Custodial Institutions Agency (CIA) of the Ministry of Security and Justice. You can learn more about the assessment of needs and placement at the Forensische Zorg (‘forensic care’) website.


Patients, relatives, GPs, students and others who want to know more about the psychiatric healthcare on offer at Lentis can contact the Lentis information service:

9470 AC Zuidlaren
Telephone +31(0)88 114 00 00